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Finding the right estate planning attorney in your area can feel like an overwhelming task? Doing a Google search will likely create a list of dozens, even hundreds of links to attorneys in your area.  Some do estate planning.  Some do not.  You can spend hours reading attorney websites to see which ones might be able to help you and which cannot.  Then you can look at reviews on various social media platforms.  Needless to say, the search alone often keeps people from completing their estate plan.

Instead of relying on a random internet search, try these four tips to help you find an estate planning attorney near you.

Ask Your Financial Advisor or Accountant for Recommendations. Having a current estate plan is a critical part of financial planning. Drafting a will and power of attorney, creating a trust, and maximizing your loved ones’ inheritances by minimizing taxes can all be important financial matters that can require the unique skills of an attorney. Ask you financial planner or accountant for a referral to find an estate planning attorney near you.

Ask Other Attorneys. You may have already worked with an attorney on another matter such as setting up a business, buying a home, or reviewing a contract. Lawyers often refer their clients to other lawyers who specialize in other areas of the law.  They want to refer you to good attorneys so that you will trust them again when you next need assistance. Ask your former attorney for referrals for an estate planning attorney near you.

Ask Your Friends and Family for Referrals. While a staggering number of people do not have estate plans, there are many who do. Ask your friends or family members if they have a will or a trust, and if so, who the attorney was that drafted it. Let friends know that you want to find an estate planning attorney near you, and that you want to know if they worked with a great attorney.

Contact the State or Local Bar Association. State and local bar associations offer referral services or a searchable directory of attorneys with their practice areas. If you are new to an area and have not yet established a relationship with an attorney or other professional that can make a referral, these services can make finding an estate planning attorney near you easier than a Google search.

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