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Frequently Asked Questions Videos

What are advance directives?

Video Transcription:

Advanced directives refer to the legal documents regarding your health care and end of life decisions. Advanced directives include a living will, a health care surrogate designation or a health care power of attorney and a occasionally a HIPAA release.

What are assisted living facilities?

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Assistant living facilities are facilities that provide small apartments for elderly and those with disabilities and provide assistance for the individuals who live there. This assistance can include helping with medication management, housekeeping, help with bathing and even meals.

What are independent living facilities?

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Independent living facilities are facilities in which generally elderly people live. The people that live there are independent in their activities of daily living, and generally do not need much assistance outside housekeeping, or in some cases congregate meals within their dining room.

What are the disadvantages of a power of attorney?

Video Transcription:

One of the major disadvantages of a power of attorney is that the individual acting on your behalf is unsupervised by anyone but you. While there may be laws in the state in which you live that require the individual to provide an accounting of their actions, you’re the only one that can enforce that, unless someone becomes your guardian or conservator, or a state agency steps in because of inappropriate activity.