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The Florida Attorney General’s (AG) Office settled a case involving unauthorized charges to telephone land lines (home telephone) bills by CenturyLink. More than 1,200 individuals ages 80-99 were victimized in Florida.  In many instances, consumers may not even know their telephone bills were inappropriately charged. Seniors were often billed for months, and even years, without their knowledge or consent.

Claims in this scam may amount to $2.3 million. Seniors victimized by this scam may be entitled to a refund.  The average refund is estimated at $134.00 and may be as high as $700.00, depending on the circumstances.

Claim forms were mailed to more than 1,700 people.  However, victims may be reluctant to file a claim or just not understand 1) how they were victimized and 2) that they can financially recover some of their loss.  Consumers must file claims by April 12, 2014.  Details and claim forms are available on the Attorney General Telephone Charges Refund Program website or calling Citizen Services at (866) 483-0379.

Please reach out to your community and family members to alert them to this scam and their possible recovery.  If you know or have contacts with individuals who may have been victimized, please alert them to the potential for recovery.

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