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Frequently Asked Questions Videos

What does it mean to fund a trust?

Video Transcription:

The act of funding is trust is when property is titled in the name of the trust or placed in a trust to be administered by the trustee. This can require retitling real property in the name of the trust or trustee. It can mean retitling bank accounts or transferring stocks and bonds into the name of a trust.

What does joint tenancy with right of survivorship mean?

Video Transcription:

Joint tenancy with a right of survivorship means that an individual holds a piece of property jointly with another individual. At the death of one of those individuals, the property is owned entirely by the remaining person alive.

What does tenants in common mean?

Video Transcription:

Tenants in common is the way a piece of property is owned by one or more individuals. Each individual owns an interest in that property that is there’s and upon their death their interest passes in accordance with their estate plan.